Connect to RDS outside of Lambda handler method to improve performance

Verify the extent to which connecting to RDS inside and outside the handler method improves performance using CloudFormation.

Two Authentication Methods for RDS Proxy – Password / IAM

Using CloudFormation, we will explain the two authentication methods (Password/IAM) for RDS Proxy.

Create Lambda layer using CFN

Learn how to create a Lambda layer using CloudFormation.

Lambda Function URL by CFN – Auth Type: NONE

Learn how to create NONE type Lambda Function URL in CloudFormation.

Connect to RDS from Lambda in VPC via RDS Proxy

Using CloudFormation, here is a configuration to connect from Lambda in the VPC to RDS via RDS Proxy.

CloudFront Geographic Restriction

Introducing CloudFront geo-restriction settings using CloudFormation.

Three ways to extend EBS attached to EC2(Linux/Win)

Three ways to extend an EBS attached to EC2 (Linux/Win) using CloudFormation.

Change Permission for Guest/Sign-in users in Cognito ID Pool

Using CloudFormation, we will show you how to configure the Cognito ID pool to change permissions for guest/sign-in users.

5 patterns of OAuth scopes for Cognito User Pool

Using CloudFormation, prepare OAuth scopes for 5 patterns of Cognito user pools and check their behavior.

Authorization by Cognito ID Pool after Authentication by User Pool – Authorization grant code ver

Using CloudFormation, we will show you how to configure authorization in the identity pool after authentication of the Cognito user pool. (Authorization code grant ver)